Who doesn’t want to go on vacation? There’s nothing like a weekend trip to get you through a stressful week of work and responsibilities. Unfortunately, vacations seem to be harder and harder to successfully pull off. First of all, vacations aren’t cheap. It seems like even a small weekend getaway makes a hefty dent in your pocket. Not to mention, when you finally do save up for that fun excursion, it’s tough to munster up the courage to ask your boss for time off. Because let’s be serious, the “expansive” 2 full day weekend just isn’t enough time to travel and then fully vedge out and relax.

So, here’s a solution you may have never thought about. People travel to your very own city to vacation. It’s a very basic idea that is taken for granite so often. There are new places, new foods, new adventures, new areas of your very own city that you have never experienced! What better to explore your city than to spend a little more money and a little more time than usual, having fun and doing “tourist-y” things. Adventure seeker, relaxation craver, fun lover, meet staycation.

Think about it, when you’re on vacation, what do you do that’s different than your regular, every day life? You spend a little more money and spend a little more time seeking fun. So, here’s a list of ideas for a little staycation fun in the beautiful, eclectic Charlotte, NC.


The greater Charlotte area is home to several large lakes, that make for a perfect weekend in town. Lake Norman and Lake Wiley are the two most popular lakes within close proximity to Charlotte. Rent a boat and stop by one of Lake Norman’s sandbars. You’ll find a bunch of boats linked together, floating with music filling the warm air and people floating in the water on rafts with a drink in hand! Don’t be shy, everyone just links up to each others boats. There are no strangers here!

If you prefer the dry land, check out the Rusty Rudder for a great atmosphere and night life, right on Lake Norman! Live music, great drink specials and unparalleled views of the lake! People literally park their boat in front of this fun bar/restaurant and grab a bite to eat.

Check out Memorial Day Weekend on the Lake!


Uptown Charlotte has such an eclectic variety of adventures and fun for every personality. The city offers so many unique restaurants, places to grab a fancy drink or local draft beer, and endless shows and events! Exploring uptown can be a fun adventure especially if you live on the outskirts of Charlotte and don’t often venture to the city.

Rent a hotel room in the city to fully experience the night life! Aloft Hotel in the Epicentre is highly rated and right in the middle of all the action. Or if you’re a bit more on a budget, get an Uber for a worry free night! C’mon you can spend a little, it’s a staycation, remember!

Charlotte has an exciting nightlife scene. Let’s be honest, everyone gets the urge to listen to some loud music and let loose on the dance floor, from time to time! Check on Roxbury, Charlotte’s 90s themed bar. You won’t hear anything but the best songs from the 90s, music videos from Britney & Justin, and your bartender will even be sporting the trendiest fanny-pack. For a little more relaxed scene, check out Connollys, an irish pub in the heart of Charlotte. This bar offers a variety of different vibes, from outdoor corn hole, a relaxed bar feel, and a dance floor calling your name on the top level. When all else fails, stop by the Epicenter. You will find a variety of places with great nightlife, terrific grub, and fun drinks. Check out Howl at the Moon, the piano bar, to grab a drink in a fish bowl (!!!) and listen to great tunes being played by the awesome pianists! Alive After 5 is also every Thursday night during the warm Charlotte months. Here you will be able to enjoy a live band and the lovely summer evenings, drinking on a the top of the Epicenter!


For something the whole family would enjoy, try out the Cinnebarre. This is not just any ordinary movie theatre in the Arboretum shopping center. This movie theatre plays main stream movies… with your very own waiter! That’s right, tell the waiter what drink, appetizer, meal and even dessert you’d like to indulge in. May I suggest the BBQ chicken pizza and a pitcher of Yeungling, while the kids munch on their tasty food.

Or if you’re craving the outdoors, have a picnic at one of Charlotte’s well-maintained parks. Charlotte is home to countless beautiful parks, including Freedom Park, which has a big lake in the middle. Freedom Park also plays host to several fun festivals throughout the year!

The Charlotte Greenway system is another great place to rollerblade, bike or stroll with the family! Greenway trails span all throughout Charlotte, so check out a map to find one close to you!


You’ve probably heard the buzz about Segway’s, but I guarantee few of you have tested your skills on one! Take a tour through uptown Charlotte to experience the city without having to do quite so much exercise. There are Segway tours for the food lovers, ghost hunters, draft beer tasters and just the average person who kind of, really wants to try out a Segway!


If you’re a native of Charlotte, you’ve probably heard of Crowder’s Mountain. That’s right, a mountain in the outskirts of Charlotte! About 45 minutes outside of Charlotte reigns Crowder’s Mountain with loads of trails for hiking and biking. Once on top, you’ll have the delight to relish in the 25 miles of views, including a view of Uptown Charlotte! While you’re there, throw your line in and do some fishing at the 9-acre lot that spreads alongside the mountain. For the adventure-seeker, also look into the rock-climbing, canoeing and camping options as well!


Uptown Charlotte is home to a plethora of intensely delicious and unique restaurants! While you’re in the city, why not try a bit from them all. Walking Food Tours through Charlotte will allow you to experience a wide variety of foods and restaurants. Hello, new date night spot!

What did we miss? Let us know other fun staycation ideas by tweeting us @cbassproperties. We love finding new spots in our awesome Queen City!

inspired by/source: Dana Boone